What is RSI?

In the recent years RSI, arm and neck - shoulder injuries become an increasing problem of absenteeism of employees. RSI is Repetitive Strain Injury that can be caused by doing the same work with the same muscle group and in the same position day in day out. RSI is used to refer to a host of painful conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain's syndrome, tendonitis, trigger finger and Ulnar nerve trapped. RSI is very often a computer use injury, which is why the incidence of these conditions has risen so dramatically in the last few years.

RSI is a job related syndrome affecting the neck, upper back, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist or hand, or a combination of these areas, which leads to impairment and other complications. The rsi syndrome is characterized by disturbance in the balance between load and physical capacity, preceded by activities that involve repeated movements or prolonged periods spent with one or more of the relevant body parts in a fixed position as one of the presumed etiological factors. (Health Council of the Netherlands, The Hague, 2000: Publication No. 2000/22E, p. 18).

RSI is a diffuse disorder of muscle, fascia, tendon and/or neurovascular structures. Some sources include disorders of the lower back and lower extremities in the definition of rsi.
RSI - Arm & Hands
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